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Dog Sedated Procedure

Learn more about our dog sedated procedure services in the sections below.

Dog Sedated Procedure

Sedated Procedure at Mill Brook Animal Clinic

What to Expect and How to Prepare

Pre-Operative Blood Work
All pets should have pre-operative blood work done unless this recommendation has been waived by your doctor. This can be completed up to two months prior to the procedure. Please schedule this if required and not already done.

canine pre-operative blood work

The Night Before – No Food from 10 PM; Water is Okay!
Unless you have been instructed otherwise, all pets must be fasted from 10 pm the night prior to the procedure. Please allow your pet access to water! Some pets are prescribed Cerenia (an anti-nausea pill) to be given at this time.

day of echocardiogram picture

The Day of the Procedure – 8 AM Admission!
Admission is at 8 am. After a physical exam, your pet gets their own private kennel. Once the procedure is completed, the sedation is reversed and/or will wear off naturally.

Day of the Procedure

All our kennels are in the treatment area, so we can keep a constant eye on your pet during their recovery. We will text or call you to inform you the procedure has been completed. A couple of hours after the sedated procedure, your pet is ready to go home.

canine recovery section image

Discharge and Home Care – Discharge is Between 12 PM and 3 PM.
A surgery technician will review all discharge information with you and provide you with a copy in writing. Any medications to go home will be dispensed during the discharge. If we think a post-operative check is needed, we will schedule it then.

canine discharge section image

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